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face it

Having an organized trunk is often a bridge too far

Of course, right after shopping your trunk looks great, everything is exactly on the right place. But this is the last time you will see your car trunk organized.

What if you had a system in your trunk to store all sorts of items and have them be easy to find?

Right after shopping...nice and organized


Think about a typical day in your life.

Perhaps it involves getting the kids to school, then running errands and doing all sorts of important tasks. The reality is your life is constantly on the go and your car is truly your 2nd home.

Now think about your trunk. Chances are, this area of your car is reserved for items like jumper cables, various containers with coolant, oil, and your spare time.

You see, people face a lot of different challenges in their life time, but the perpetual need for storage is a common problem we all share.

This is how it looks after first turn ... you can hear your groceries screaming at you


We live in the world of 4G internet and people discovering water on Mars – there’s got to be something to stop you from tripping in your daughter’s stuffed Olav.


Our wardrobes are often a mess and we can’t seem to put them in order with the limited compartments we have. Our children’s toys are all over the place and don’t even get us started on what the trunk looks like after a day of shopping.


What if…

Imagine a world, in which you can open your trunk, access a variety of tools, such as your automotive tools, groceries, and even sports equipment for your kids, and it is all organized and easy to find.

Sounds completely ridiculous right – no one’s trunk is like this! Everyone’s trunk is just full of junk and flies around.


What if…

Instead of sifting through tons of different items you never use you could have space and storage for the items you need?


This is exactly the thought process behind the people responsible for the Cargonize Pro!

The goal is to create a products that can handle the rough and tumble world of driving all the while keeping your items safe and in one place.

There are as many different uses to Cargonize Pro as you can imagine, hit “BUY NOW” button today and take back your trunk!

Price: $69.99
Sale: $29.99