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No more rolling watermelons!

“Oh yeah, this is just what I needed. Actually I need two. One to put the extra oil, windshield wiper liquid and extra car things. The other I need for groceries, especially for the ones I hear rolling and bumping around when I didn’t put enough border around them, like milk or a watermelon. Ever go to a family dinner or pot luck and you are taking pies or casserole and don’t know where to put them so they make it there safe-her you go.”

Theresa A

My handy dandy trunk helper!

“Wow, I believe I will now be able to keep my trunk in order. The trunk organizer has very nice handles on the two shorter sides for easy lifting. This is very durable, very well made to fit your needs for different sized. Did I mention there is velcro on the bottom? That is what keeps it from slipping around in the trunk.  I highly recommend this to anyone.”



Really Nice for Organizing My Car!

“I like that the bag has adjustable compartments. One time I may need evenly spaced compartments and the next I may need one large and two small compartments. There are two long strips of heavy duty velcro along the bottom which attach to my car’s carpet…”

D. Hewer

Awesome organizer for the car or the house.

“This is a great storage solution for in or out of the car. I bring it back and forth as needed. It assembles easily and quickly. It’s easy to keep it clean and it has nice sturdy handles for carrying. I will take products from the house to clean the car, so they might be a bit heavy (window cleaner etc) . I keep winter gloves, hats and scarves in one of the dividers…“